Precision Medicine

As its techniques and technologies mature, medical AI will increasingly be used to predict the health trajectories of both outpatients and inpatients. But how will it do at converting educated projections into preventative care?

A company with a name that sounds like a book title has formed to beat back COVID and future health crises by tapping the powers of AI.

If an AI-brained surgical robot refuses to do its job at a critical moment in the OR, who is responsible for stepping in?

One state’s largest health system is combining forces with that state’s top medical school to launch a multidisciplinary digital health center that’s notable for its apparent velocity out of the gate.

AI, the group wrote, could "usurp the EHR as the most disappointing application of technology within medicine”

AI holds the promise of improving gerontology by making it more predictive, personalized, preventive and participatory. However, to get there, an equal number of pronounced risks must be negotiated.  

A deep learning model has achieved human-level proficiency in three of five exercises, accurately categorizing verbal expressions from more than 33,000 talk-therapy patients who underwent their sessions online.

Working with a software consultancy that operates in 14 countries, the Department of Veterans Affairs has launched an interactive digital assistant to take U.S. veterans’ questions on COVID-19 and related concerns.

Researchers have demonstrated a smartphone application that monitors known heart failure by listening to patients’ voices for 30 seconds a day.

For AI to make a truly damaging dent in COVID-19’s armor, developers need to better connect big-data analytics with regularly refreshed input from frontline healthcare workers.

In a pilot study of 16 patients, the system’s recommendations were deemed safe by expert endocrinologists at a clip of more than 99% over the course of four weeks.

The authors further found that a majority of hospitals are now using standalone telemedicine products rather than those that are part of their EHR.

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