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[Expert Roundtable] Architecting AI: Rethinking Medical Imaging & Defining the Strategy

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We asked the questions you want to: Why is imaging ripe for AI? How will improvements in image processing and reconstruction, quality control and work list prioritization improve the practice of radiology? 


[Expert Roundtable] Architecting AI: Why Machine Learning Is Changing Medical Imaging

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Learn how ML algorithms are helping radiologists to improve diagnosis, find more cancers, reduce biopsies and increase efficiency, and what IT departments need to know to deploy AI apps.


Power Up Diagnostic Imaging Exchange

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Maximize your IT investments by sharing diagnostic images and reports. Listen to physicians and hospital leaders discuss how they are meeting this challenge.

optimizing effective cancer care

Optimizing Effective Cancer Care at NIH


See how leading radiologists and oncologists at NIH are using technology such as semi-automated cancer lesion management and multi-media reporting software to reliably, consistently and quickly distribute reports in oncology follow up and treatment planning.

January 13, 2014
how interoperable technology can enhance

How Interoperable Technology Can Enhance the Efficiency of Radiology & IT

Sponsored by GE Healthcare

With digital radiology, PACS and RIS in use for 15 years or more at most US hospitals, a disparate system architecture is now the reality for most departments. Multiple PACS and mini-PACS populate the environment, resulting in inefficiencies, increased operating costs, and reduced throughput for departments.

CMIO Roundtable Discussion: Evidence-Based Medicine Experts Define the State of the Art

CMIO Roundtable Discussion: Evidence-Based Medicine Experts Define the State of the Art

Clinical Key

At the close of the CMIO Leadership Forum: Transforming Healthcare Through Evidence-based Medicine, we invited five luminaries to build on the abundant discussions and dive deeper into the quality of the evidence in medicine, the lack of evidence in many cases, the struggle to engage physicians and patients, and strategies for integrating evidence-based medicine (EBM) into clinical practice. 

March 1, 2013

High Performance Collaborative Care Webinar Series—Defining a Universal Viewer

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Radiology departments have been seeking ways to work better-managing images from multiple PACS and multiple departments and seeking to increase radiologists' reading efficiency by delivering more information to their workstation. In a world of disparate PACS and multi-ology images, the notion of a universal workstation to deliver patient results efficiently is both a necessity and now - a reality.

Smart IT Strategies for Imaging Growth & Quality Outcomes

Smart IT Strategies for Imaging Growth & Quality Outcomes


As healthcare reform and big data in medical imaging converge, strategies to facilitate image exchange, mobile access and patient empowerment are essential to improve the quality of patient care. Learn how cloud services can enable improved levels of service, reduce total cost of ownership to redirect capital to other patient-care initiatives and unlock new financial models for growth.

September 26, 2012