In the House, a new bipartisan push to get arms around AI

The U.S. House of Representatives is assembling a new task force on AI. As announced Feb. 20 by Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) and Minority-party Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY), the move will bring together 24 representatives—12 from each party—who will work to stimulate American AI innovation while mitigating AI-related threats.  

Johnson and Jeffries have named Jay Obernolte (R-CA) to chair the group with Ted Lieu (D-CA) as co-chair. The task force’s first order of business will be laying out guiding principles, recommendations and policy proposals. For this it will rely on House members who have some expertise in AI and represent relevant committees of jurisdiction.

That may sound a little dull, but it’s probably a wise place to start, given the bipartisan build of the effort.

For now, spring is on the way and hope is in the air. That’s evident in remarks released with the announcement. Consider:

‘Because advancements in artificial intelligence have the potential to rapidly transform our economy and our society, it is important for Congress to work in a bipartisan manner to understand and plan for both the promises and the complexities of this transformative technology.’—House Speaker Mike Johnson

‘Congress has a responsibility to facilitate the promising breakthroughs that artificial intelligence can bring to fruition and ensure that everyday Americans benefit from these advancements in an equitable manner.’—House Minority-party Leader Hakeem Jeffries

‘The United States has led the world in the development of advanced AI, and we must work to ensure that AI realizes its tremendous potential to improve the lives of people across our country.’—House AI Task Force Chair Jay Obernolte

‘As a recovering Computer Science major, I know this will not be an easy or quick or one-time task, but I believe Congress has an essential role to play in the future of AI. The question is how to ensure AI benefits society instead of harming us.’—House AI Task Force Co-Chair Ted Lieu

‘The rise of artificial intelligence presents a unique set of challenges, and certain guardrails must be put in place to protect the American people.’—House Minority-party Leader Jeffries

‘As we look to the future, Congress must continue to maintain our country’s competitive edge, protect our national security, and carefully consider what guardrails may be needed to ensure the development of safe and trustworthy technology.’—House Speaker Johnson

Full announcement with task force roll here, broad press coverage here


Dave Pearson

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