EvoHealth Celebrates 100th Install Milestone

Raleigh, NC (December 9, 2020) — EvoHealth, a trailblazer in incorporating new technology in Healthcare IT software, announced it has exceeded its first milestone of more than 100 customers with over 200 locations. The customers represent many types of healthcare organizations including rural hospitals, orthopedics, women’s centers, and emergent care facilities. Improved technology in addition to a personal level of service and support is what these customers were seeking and EvoHealth has solidly delivered.

In Q4 2020, EvoHealth launched a newly imagined PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) platform using the best technology available, including artificial intelligence (AI) with server-side rendering GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) and multi-tenant cloud. This enables healthcare facilities to have infinitely scalable resources to expand and modernize their services. EvoHealth’s FUSE Platform was developed to do more than traditional PACS by offering the horsepower needed to provide patient care in 2020 and beyond.

“We are bringing all of the top performing technologies together including graphics from gaming and security from banking to develop a powerhouse solution for our customers,” said Steve Deaton, CEO of EvoHealth. “We are excited by the momentum of our first 100 unique installs and will continue innovating technology that raises the bar in healthcare efficiencies, so that our customers can exceed their patients’ expectations. As a company, we are committed to modernizing healthcare IT every opportunity we can.”

With the newer offerings like multi-tenant cloud servers driven by GPU, customers experience functionality that has long been promised but not truly delivered. EvoHealth’s cloud offering brings benefits like an easy maintenance-free experience that is coupled with faster image access. Because of how the system is designed, the benefits of simplicity, security and image sharing extend to the referring physicians and patients themselves. EvoHealth’s general customer base represents healthcare organizations that serve local communities. Procuring EvoHealth’s solutions also allow organizations to offer integrated services such as telemedicine and video conferencing that are unique in these markets.

About EvoHealth

EvoHealth, a leader in bringing new technology to Healthcare IT software, offers a software solution including PACS, RIS, Image Sharing and Telemedicine. EvoHealth’s cloud-based Fuse platform not only contains a robust radiology workflow and viewing suite, but also manages marketing campaigns, includes patient appointment reminders, and custom brands the portals for your business. EvoHealth HCIT products bring value through tightly integrated features into nearly any workflow. Fuse features an all-in-one interface that incorporates features normally requiring additional vendors and interfaces, but with fewer hassles and lower costs. For more information, visit https://www.evohit.com/.


Media Contact:

Ronny Bachrach

EvoHealth, Director of Marketing


(617) 877-3375

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