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The field of mHealth applications to assist nonprofessional caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients is thin, weak and in need of innovators. 

If COVID put telemedicine’s pedal to the metal, it was only speeding up evolutionary change fueled by advances in technology prior to 2020.

Along with AI in its various iterations, the list may include virtual and augmented reality, 3D printing, robotics and other innovative technologies changing healthcare delivery.

Going head-to-head against a small group of clinicians in 50 care episodes, an AI-based smartphone app has equaled or bested the humans at triaging patients to the most appropriate site of care.

Freely hope for the best, but diligently prepare for the worst. Applied to end users of healthcare AI, that adage could have been a key takeaway at last week’s annual meeting of HIMSS in Las Vegas.

If humans and only humans can be named inventors on U.S. patent applications, some AI developers are going to be disincentivized from innovating.

Women soccer players have either better ball-recovery skills than men or worse ball retainment. Either way, the result is a “more fragmented game” in women’s soccer.

Medical educators have used machine learning to reconsider—and ultimately select—some 20 qualified residents who had been screened out by human reviewers at their institution.

Patients are strongly inclined to follow treatment instructions that combine innovative AI recommendations with a physician’s reassuring presence.

True or false? Each time a software developer significantly updates an FDA-approved Software as a Medical Device product, the SaMD faces possible re-review by the agency.

The academic medical institution that maintains the world’s best-stocked library of curated, patient-deidentified and AI-ready data is going 100% open source with its digital riches.

Along with AI in its various iterations, the list may include virtual and augmented reality, 3D printing, robotics and other technologies currently changing healthcare delivery.

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Two different companies announced that they are recalling all lots of the medication. 

CardioSmart, an online resource for both patients and clinicians, has a new editor. 

The funding includes $8.5 billion in American Rescue Plan resources for providers who treat Medicaid, Children's Health Insurance Program and Medicare patients.

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