Overheard this week: Notable quotes on healthcare AI


‘There is a stage at which regulations can stifle some of the innovation [that AI might advance]. … There is a role for providing a safe harbor [from certain regulations] so that we can use our best data to improve our patients’ care.’

  • Vincent Liu, MD, senior research scientist and regional medical director of augmented clinical intelligence at Kaiser Permanente (source: AMA Update)


‘Do patients have the option to opt out of having AI used to facilitate their care? If so, how is this option communicated to patients?’

  • Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) in a letter to Google CEO Sundar Pichai itemizing healthcare-specific concerns over the company’s AI chatbot Med-PaLM 2 (source: Warner.Senate.gov)


‘No technology is perfect, and any deployment of AI tools in the healthcare setting will require rigorous testing so that healthcare professionals can rely on the technology without the need for continuous validation and checks.’

  • Unsigned GlobalData Healthcare commentary (source: Pharmaceutical Technology)


‘[Patients] are more likely to be comfortable with AI used for administrative tasks than diagnosis and treatments ... [but] the overwhelming majority want to be notified if AI is used in any way.’

  • Ricky Zipp, healthcare analyst with Morning Consult (source: Aug. 7 survey analysis)


‘AI will revolutionize the way we live, including our healthcare system. That’s why we’re backing the UK’s fantastic innovators to save lives by boosting the front line of our NHS and tackling the major health challenges of our time.’

  • Michelle Donelan, U.K. secretary of state for science, innovation and technology on the allocation of 13 million pounds (around $16.5 million) to support the advancement of AI in healthcare (source: The Independent)


‘Undoubtedly, there will be concerns about how AI interacts with data privacy from a responsible investment point of view. Until there is a global consensus on how this is regulated, Asian countries—where data privacy is less of a focus—could see a clear contrast with the West in how AI is used.’

  • Ecaterina Bigos, chief investment officer of core investments, Asia ex Japan, at AXA Investment Managers (source: South China Morning Post)
Dave Pearson

Dave P. has worked in journalism, marketing and public relations for more than 30 years, frequently concentrating on hospitals, healthcare technology and Catholic communications. He has also specialized in fundraising communications, ghostwriting for CEOs of local, national and global charities, nonprofits and foundations.

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