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Along with AI in its various iterations, the list may include virtual and augmented reality, 3D printing and visualization, robotics and other innovative technologies changing healthcare delivery.

Radiology being the medical specialty furthest along with AI, the technology will take the spotlight at sessions, in exhibits and on a pavilion reserved for healthcare AI vendors.

The business magazine Fast Company is out with its picks for the “next big things in tech.” Of 65 companies making the overall list for 2021, the project’s inaugural year, 10 of the best are in healthcare.

Potential medical applications include brains inside heads and hearts within chests.

The FDA has OK’d a prescription-only virtual reality system that patients with chronic back pain can use at home to relieve their suffering.

USC’s Signal Analysis and Interpretation Laboratory built the AI model with transcripts from more than 1,100 real conversations with patients. 

The new center’s founders say they’ll prioritize addressing healthcare disparities associated with the disease itself and with other types of dementia.  

From AIin.Healthcare’s sister outlets Cardiovascular Business, Health Imaging and Radiology Business: 

Women’s health specialists have demonstrated the customization of a commercial AI-based chatbot platform for patients with hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. The pilot project took many hands and much manual labor to complete, but the team suggests the effort has been worth the payoffs.

AI technologies likely can go only so far toward improving on hearing aids and cochlear implants. However, AI and hearing experts expect fertile grounds to open for exploration in clinical as well as research arenas.

Only two-thirds of U.S. healthcare consumers are OK with surgeons using digital facial recognition to avoid medical error by confirming patient identity.

Contrary to intuitive expectations, many errors in drug ordering are caused or worsened by the intricacies of the EHR.

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Early valve replacement was associated with improved outcomes in a new study published in Circulation.

The Department of Defense is gifting Case Western researchers a grant to study the use of AI in determining whether patients require surgery. 

Research publications by radiologists increased by 167% during the second year of the mentorship program, doctors at West Virginia University reported.

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