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[VIDEO] Building a Protected PCI Program: The Programmatic Approach to Teaching, Tactics & Techniques

Training and passion sit at the core of the University of Washington Medical Center heart team's mission. Learn how this national training site for Protected PCI with hemodynamic support is teaching: hands-on, in-depth, in-person, head to head.

Linking Cath Labs & Informatics

Linking Cath Labs & Informatics: Growing a Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI) Program

Growth seeded the need for a dedicated PCI program at Saratoga Hospital that went live in January along with a complete technology overhaul: cath lab, echo, hemodynamic monitoring and a fully integrated cardiovascular information system. The PCI program, close to 100 interventions later, is considered a jewel of the county. It also is a model for other facilities needing a technology refresh.

heart team approach

[VIDEO] Building a Protected PCI Program: The Heart Team Approach

Building a Protected PCI Program: The Heart Team Approach

Independent Radiology Group Practices Call to Action-Collaborating to Increase Relevance and Remain Successfully Independent

Independent Radiology Group Practices Call to Action—Collaborating to Increase Relevance and Remain Successfully Independent

Intense pressure to move from fee-for-service to value-based care and reimbursement driving commercial payer, hospital system and group practice consolidations are forcing independent radiology practices of all sizes to reassess, and where required, increase their relevance to the systems they serve in order to remain successfully independent.

structured reporting.png

Structured Reporting: The Road Map for Better Data, Workflow and Reports

Creating the structured cardiac cath lab procedure report is the first step to improving patient care and data accuracy, coordinating intraprocedure workflow across the clinical team, making registry reporting seamless, and reducing overall cost of care.


Breast Tomosynthesis: Scientific Evidence, Clinical Experience & Improving Image Workflow

Watch this free webinar with Q&A, featuring Dr. Donna Plecha, Director, Breast Imaging, Mammography and Beverly Rosipko, Radiology PACS Manager of University Hospitals.

3D Tee

3D TEE: How Is the Technology Transforming?

Listen to Dr. Mani Vannan of Piedmont Heart Institute in Atlanta for a discussion on 3D transesophageal echocardiography. It's quick, just 12 minutes, and sure to make you want to take a closer look at 3D TEE.


Power Up Diagnostic Imaging Exchange

Maximize your IT investments by sharing diagnostic images and reports. Listen to physicians and hospital leaders discuss how they are meeting this challenge.